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R.G. Miller is your source for screening & window frame glass on most residential applications.

Just drop off your damaged screen frames and we can install new screen cloth to make your screen like new again. For insulated glass window repairs, you can just come in and drop off your frame. Once the replacement glass is delivered, we will install it. If you can leave your frame with us, we will get your measurements and call you to bring the frame back when the glass is in stock.

Stop by today to see if we can help you! Shop work is charged on a time and material basis.

Screen Replacement

R.G. Miller can make new screens, screen panels, and rescreen old screens. Drop off your screen frame and we can install brand new screening using your choice of screen product.  We screen charcoal aluminum, charcoal fiberglass, mill aluminum and paw proof screen cloth.

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Glass Repair

When you need your broken or damaged window panes fixed, Robert G. Miller has you covered. We stock single pane glass ready to install. Double pane glass can be ordered as needed for each sash. Just drop off your frame and we will install the glass after it is delivered (approximately one to two week lead time) or, after we get your measurements, we will call you to bring the frame back when the glass is in stock.

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R.G. Miller sales staff are here to answer any product or service questions you may have. Contact us today!

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