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YBC’s family of companies offer the same level of professional service you get from Your Building Centers.

Robert G. Miller became part of the YBC family of companies in 2015. Under the YBC umbrella, the merger has allowed R.G. Miller to offer even more quality name brand products at competitive prices as well as offer our local customers more options than ever before.

When a new business is acquired by YBC, it aligns itself with YBC’s corporate structure of 100% employee ownership. Since the staff at these businesses become employee owners, each employee now has their own personal stake in the company’s success. While now owned by Your Building Centers, R.G. Miller and other companies such as Klinger Lumber and Berlin Lumber continue to operate under their originally founded names. Each of these businesses have been operating in their respective communities for over half a century, and the companies have strong name recognition within those local communities they serve. Recognizing this, YBC chooses to keep their history alive while helping to expand their product base through our established channels.

Your Building Centers

YBC’s mission is and has always been to serve professional contractors and serious do-it-yourselfers with all of their building material needs extends through to our family of companies. YBC’s history stems back all the way to the early 1900’s with it’s predecessor companies. In 1989, YBC formed into a 100% employee-owned company and officially adopted the Your Building Center name.

YBC is based in Altoona and operates over 16 convenient locations in Bedford, DuBois, State College, Williamsport, and elsewhere throughout central Pennsylvania.

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Klinger Lumber

Klinger Lumber has been serving Northern Dauphin County, PA for over 50 Years. Klinger was established by its founder, Earl E. Klinger in 1956. He started the business in the back alley behind his residence on East Broad Street in Elizabethville, Pa. Over the years the business grew and was eventually relocated in 1962 to its current location at 3903 Route 225 in Elizabethville.

In 2017, Your Building Centers acquired Klinger Lumber. Since then, Klinger has been able to expand their offerings of quality building materials and services. Now part of the YBC family, Klinger is able to provide extra perks and rewards to Klinger’s customer base. Being on the same sale system as YBC, a customer who is shopping outside of the Elizabethville area can now go to any other YBC store and get the same level of service and product options that they would at Klinger.

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Berlin Lumber

Berlin Lumber has been serving their community with quality building materials and truss manufacturing for over 60 years. In the beginning of 2019, Berlin Lumber became part of the YBC family when YBC acquired them. Although Berlin Lumber is now under new ownership, they still have the same knowledgeable team of employees that have always been there to serve you. Their employees have decades of experience in the building and remodeling industry, and use that experience to give their customers the best possible products and services.

Since the acquisition, Berlin Lumber has been able to use YBC’s buying power to offer even more competitive prices on the building materials they sell. Their truss manufacturing facility is still in operation and can supply the needs of any roof and/or floor truss job.

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Palmerton Lumber

Palmerton Lumber has been serving it’s local community since it’s founding in 1995. Palmerton was acquired by YBC in the beginning of 2021. Palmerton Lumber still employs the same dedicated staff as before the acquisition and still carries a full line of building and remodeling products.

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